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_ _wakeup( ) method 
    public visibility of, disabling for security purposes 
WBMP image format 
    output function for 
WDDX extension  2nd 
web applications
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
        HTTP basics 
        HTTP response headers, setting 
        maintaining state 
        processing forms 
        server information 
        variables, EGPCS 
web pages
    embedding PHP in 
        ASP tags, using 
        echoing content directly 
        script style 
        SGML tags, using 
        XML-compliant tags, using 
    PDF files in 
web servers  [See also servers]
    Apache  [See Apache web servers]
    configuring PHP with 
        manually configuring Apache 
        manually configuring PWS 
        prepackaged distributions 
        using PHP installer 
    supporting PHP 
web services 
    client, XML-RPC (example) 
    servers, XML-RPC (example) 
well-formed XML 
while loops 
    continue statements in 
    in heredocs 
    in PHP code 
    in URLs 
    removing from strings 
    trimming from strings 
Windows systems, PHP on 
    configuring PHP with web server 
        manually configuring Apache 
        manually configuring PWS 
        prepackaged distributions 
        using PHP installer 
    installing PHP 
    interfacing with COM 
        API, determining 
        Excel files, reading and writing 
        ODBC data sources 
        PHP functions 
        Word document, completing 
    writing portable code for Windows and Unix 
        determining the platform 
        end-of-file handling 
        end-of-line handling 
        environment information 
        extensions, platform-specific 
        paths, handling across platforms 
        remote files 
        sending mail 
        server-specific functions 
        shell commands 
    completing a document with PHP 
    macro language, using to expose OLE COM objects and parameters 
    starting and adding "Hello, World" to document with COM 
word boundaries
    \b and \B, Perl-style regular expressions 
    in POSIX regular expressions 
word pronunciations in English, comparing to Soundex and Metaphone algorithms 
words in string, changing case of first character 
wordwrap( ) function 
write handlers for sessions 
WWW-Authenticate header 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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