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    credit-card numbers with Luhn checksum 
var_dump( ) function 
    displaying PHP values in human-readable form 
variable argument list, processing 
variable functions 
variables  [See also properties]2nd 
    assigning values to 
    case-sensitivity in names 
    checking value with isset( ) function 
    checking values with isset( ) function 
    configuration, getting 
    converting HTML field names to 
    converting to/from arrays 
    creating for extensions 
    defined, getting 
    EGPCS (environment, GET, POST, cookie and server)  2nd 
    EGPCS (environment, GET, POST, cookies and server) 
    expanding in double-quoted strings 
    function parameters 
    functions for 
        form data and, security issues 
        internal PHP, accessing from extension functions 
        SAPI (Server Abstraction API) 
    interpolating into strings 
    mapping names to value positions in memory 
    names, $ (dollar sign) in 
    NULL value 
    object references 
    outputting information about 
    passing by reference 
    passing by value 
    property names, using with 
    references to variable stored in another variable 
    removing value with unset( ) function 
    request, importing into global scope 
    scope of  2nd 
    session, registering  2nd 
    setting value of 
    static  2nd 
    syslog, defining 
    variable, using with objects 
variables_order directive in php.ini 
VBScript, converting to PHP COM function calls 
Verisign Payflow Pro extension 
    of PHP parser 
    of XML in processing instruction 
version_compare( ) function 
vpopmail extension 
vprintf( ) function 
vsprintf( ) function 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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