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uasort( ) function  2nd 
ucfirst( ) function  2nd 
ucwords( ) function  2nd 
uksort( ) function  2nd 
umask( ) function  2nd 
unary operators 
    - (arithmetic negation) operator 
    autoincrement and autodecrement 
uncompressing and extracting PHP and Apache distributions 
underlining text in PDF files 
    character encodings supported by XML parser 
    FriBiDi extension, reordering strings for encoded character set 
union of two sets 
uniqid( ) function 
    installing PHP 
    locale system in POSIX-style regular expressions 
    protocol for databases 
    shell scripting languages, comments in 
    writing portable PHP code for 
        determining the platform 
        end-of-file handling 
        end-of-line handling 
        environment information 
        paths, handling 
        remote files 
        sending mail 
        server-specific functions 
        shell commands 
unlink( ) function  2nd 
unpack( ) function 
unpacking Apache and PHP source distributions 
unparsed XML entities 
unregister_tick_function( ) function 
unserialize( ) function 
unset( ) function  2nd 
uploaded files
    information about 
uploading files 
    security and 
        distrusting browser-supplied filenames 
URL rewriting, storing state information 
urldecode( ) function 
urlencode( ) function  2nd  3rd 
    decomposing (parse_url( ) function) 
    encoding/decoding strings as 
        button strings 
    extracting from HTML page 
    functions for 
    GET and POST requests 
    opening remotely with PHP functions, security risks of 
    parse_url( ) function 
    session IDS, passing via 
User-Agent headers 
user-defined functions 
    sorting arrays with  2nd 
user-defined order, sorting arrays in  2nd 
user_error( ) function 
    current, for PHP script executing 
    security problems with 
usleep( ) function 
usort( ) function  2nd 
    anonymous function, using with 
UTF-8 character encoding 
    printing high-bit ASCII characters 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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