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tableInfo( ) method 
    building with iterator functions 
        in example application 
tabs, testing string for 
    HTML and PHP, removing from strings 
    HTML, removing from strings 
    PHP code (<?php ?>) 
tan( ) function 
target encoding for XML parser 
TCP protocol 
templates for PDF documents 
templating systems 
    HTML template for thank you page 
    template script (example) 
    user input form (example) 
tempnam( ) function 
terminating PDF document 
ternary operator  2nd 
    C-language PHP extension 
    colors, program for 
    return value for failure 
    in images 
    in languages other than English, working with 
    outputting basic with PDF 
    in PDF files 
        altering appearance of 
        functions for 
    representing image with 
textual (lexicographic) comparisons 
this variable 
Thread Safe Resource Manager (TSRM) 
thread safety
    extensionwide global variables 
throwing errors 
thumbnails for bookmarks, PDF documents 
tick functions
ticks directive 
TIFF image format in PDF files 
time  [See also dates and times]
    functions for 
    gettimeofday( ) function 
time( ) function 
    for current script 
    setting for sockets 
tmpfile( ) functions 
tokenizing strings  2nd 
touch( ) function 
track_errors option (php.ini file) 
trailing options, Perl-style regular expressions 
transforming XML with XSLT 
    creating XSLT processor 
transitions for PDF pages 
translation tables for HTML entities  2nd 
transparency of images  [See also alpha channel]2nd  3rd 
    in PDF files 
traversing arrays 
    calling function for each element 
    for loop, using 
    in random order, using shuffle( ) function 
    iterator functions 
    reducing an array 
    searching for values 
trigger_error( ) function  2nd 
trim( ) function  2nd 
trimming strings 
true and false keywords 
true color images 
    background colors for 
    converting to paletted image 
    true color color indexes 
TrueType fonts
    antialiased, troubleshooting 
    in PDF files 
    using with GD 
truncating files 
truth values  [See boolean data type]
TSRM (Thread Safe Resource Manager) 
type juggling 
type_spec strings 
    specification characters 
        modifiers specification 
types  [See data types]

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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