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Sablotron C library (XSLT support for PHP) 
safe_mode directive (php.ini file) 
SAPI (Server Abstraction API)  2nd 
    getting name of 
    linking PHP into server via 
Satellite CORBA Client extension 
scalar types 
scalar values 
scaling images 
    in PDF files 
        nonproportional scaling 
Schemas for XML documents 
scientific notation 
    overriding with pass by reference 
    variables in functions 
        global, accessing 
scripts (current), name of ($PHP_SELF variable) 
search and replace operations
    POSIX-style regular expressions 
    with preg_replace( ) 
search engine (mnoGoSearch) 
    array for values 
        functions for 
        position, returning 
        rest of string, returning 
        URLs, decomposing into components 
        using masks 
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
    concealing PHP libraries 
    eval( ) function, risks of 
    file permissions 
        session files 
    file uploads 
        distrusting browser-supplied filenames 
        size of uploaded files 
        surviving register_globals 
    filenames and 
        checking for relative paths 
        restricting filesystem access 
    files, not using 
    global variables and form data 
        initializing variables 
        variables_order directive in php.ini 
    safe mode for shared servers 
    shell commands 
    summary of good practices 
    web application 
    Mersenne Twister generator 
    random-number generator 
sequences, database 
serialize( ) function 
serializing objects 
    _ _sleep( ) and _ _wakeup( ) methods 
    logfile (example) 
server-side scripting 
    $HTTP_SERVER_VARS array 
    Apache  [See Apache web servers]
    global variables for, controlling 
    in-process (inproc) 
    information about ($_SERVER array) 
    load balancing and redirection 
    with PHP linked in 
    remote, YAZ toolkit implementing Z39.50 protocol 
    reverse proxy caches 
    SAPI (Server Abstraction API) global variables 
    Server header 
    shared, safe mode for security 
session files, file permissions and 
session tracking 
session_destroy( ) function 
session_is_registered( ) function 
session_register( ) 
session_set_save_handler( ) function  2nd 
session_start( ) function  2nd 
session_unregister( ) function 
    ab (Apache benchmarking) utility and 
    close handler 
    combining cookies with 
    destroy handler for 
    errors, logging to file 
    garbage collection handler 
    open handler 
    read and write handlers 
    registering variables for 
    session IDs
        expiration of cookies 
        storing in cookies 
        storing in form fields or URLs 
    session information storage, customizing 
    setting page-color preferences with 
    using preferences from 
set_error_handler( ) function  2nd 
set_file_buffer( ) function 
set_time_limit( ) function 
setcookie( ) function  2nd  3rd 
setlocale( ) function 
sets, implementing with arrays 
settype( ) function 
SGML, embedding PHP with SGML tags 
shell commands  2nd 
    opening pipe to process executed on 
    security and 
    Unix and Windows 
shell-based PHP programs 
shell-style comments 
shell_exec( ) function 
shmop extension 
Shockwave Flash movies
    Ming library 
    SWF extension for creating 
short tags 
shortcuts in database queries 
shuffle( ) function  2nd 
shutdown function, registering 
shutdown or close function (extensions), triggering resource cleanup 
side effects of a function  2nd 
sign specifier (printf( ) format modifier) 
similar_text( ) function  2nd 
sin( ) function  2nd 
    of files 
    of images, scaling 
sizeof( ) function  2nd 
_ _sleep( ) method 
sleep( ) function 
slicing arrays 
SMTP servers 
SNMP extension 
SOAP protocol 
socket_get_status( ) function 
socket_set_blocking( ) function 
socket_set_timeout( ) function 
    extension for 
software tools for writing PHP extensions 
sort( ) function  2nd 
    arrays  2nd 
        in natural order 
        in random order 
        in reverse order  2nd 
        multiple arrays at once 
        in natural order 
        PHP functions for 
        in random order 
        in reverse order 
        in user-defined order 
        using anonymous function 
        with user-defined function 
    strings  2nd 
soundex( ) function  2nd 
source code (PHP), downloading CVS version 
special characters
    in regular expressions 
    security risks in shell commands 
    aspell library 
    pspell library 
split( ) function  2nd 
spliti( ) function 
    arrays into chunks 
    regular expression pattern matches 
    strings into arrays of smaller chunks 
    strings into smaller chunks 
sprintf( ) function 
SQL (Structured Query Language)
    escaping string literals in queries 
    Microsoft SQL Server extension 
    mSQL extension 
    Ovrimos SQL extension 
    placeholders in queries 
    portability of queries 
    relational databases and 
    statements performing queries 
sql_regcase( ) function 
sqrt( ) function 
Squid proxy cache 
    SquidGuard, adding redirection logic 
srand( ) function 
sscanf( ) function  2nd 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
stacks, implementing with arrays 
standalone extensions 
start and end element handlers 
start value of strings 
starting point, graphics in PDF files 
stat( ) function 
    debugger program for printing stack trace 
    maintaining between requests 
        combining cookies and sessions 
        session tracking 
        exit and return 
        if statement 
    semicolons (;) in 
static methods 
static variables  2nd 
status codes, HTTP response 
stdClass (reserved class name) 
sticky forms 
sticky multi-valued parameters, HTML forms 
storing data in arrays 
    adding values to end of array 
    assigning range of values 
    getting array size 
str_pad( ) function  2nd 
str_repeat( ) function  2nd 
str_replace( ) function 
strcasecmp( ) function  2nd 
strchr( ) function  2nd 
strcmp( ) function  2nd  3rd 
strcoll( ) function 
strcspn( ) function  2nd 
streaming PDF documents 
strftime( ) function 
striking out text in PDF files 
string literals 
strings  2nd  3rd  4th 
    accessing individual characters 
    as keys to associative arrays 
    breaking into chunks (example) 
    C-string encoding 
    changing case of 
    characters, converting into HTML entity equivalents 
    comparing  2nd 
        for approximate equality 
        for equality  2nd 
        . operator 
        strcat( ) function 
    containing numbers, sorting in correct order 
        between encodings, iconv extension 
        to numbers 
        to/from URL encoding  2nd 
    extension functions returning 
    functions for manipulating and searching  2nd 
        exploding and imploding 
        search functions 
        splitting on regular expression pattern boundary 
    HTML meta tags, extracting from 
    HTML tags, removing from 
    HTML, converting special characters to entities 
    length of, strlen( ) function (example) 
    null-terminated, in extensions 
        with echo 
        with print( ) function 
        with print_r( ) function 
        with printf( ) function 
        with var_dump( ) function 
    quoting in PHP array keys 
    quoting string constants 
        in double-quoted strings 
        in here documents 
        in single-quoted strings 
        in variable interpolation 
    regular expressions, using on 
        Perl-compatible regular expressions 
        POSIX-style regular expressions 
    removing whitespace from 
    similarity between, calculating 
    SQL queries, escaping string literals in 
    trimming characters from end 
    for XML error reporting 
strip_tags( ) function  2nd 
stripcslashes( ) function 
    single-character escapes 
stripping unwanted file permissions 
stripslashes( ) function  2nd 
    using on $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIES 
stristr( ) function  2nd 
strlen( ) function  2nd 
    accessing individual string characters 
strnatcasecmp( ) function 
strnatcmp( ) function  2nd 
strncasecmp( ) function 
strncmp( ) function  2nd 
    graphic paths 
        patterns for 
strpos( ) function  2nd 
strrchr( ) function  2nd 
strrev( ) function  2nd 
strrpos( ) function  2nd 
strspn( ) function  2nd 
strstr( ) function  2nd 
strtok( ) function  2nd 
strtolower( ) function  2nd 
strtoupper( ) 
strtoupper( ) function 
strtr( ) function 
    storing extensionwide global C variables in 
    storing resources in 
strval( ) function 
stylesheets (XSLT)  2nd 
subclasses  2nd 
subpatterns in regular expressions 
    non-capturing groups 
    replacing matched strings in 
substituting new text for matching text 
substitution markers in printf( ) format string 
substr( ) function  2nd 
substr_count( ) function  2nd 
substr_replace( ) function  2nd 
subtraction (-) operator 
sum, calculating for an array 
suppressing errors 
Suraski, Zeev 
SWF (Shockwave Flash) extension 
switch statements 
    fall-through cases in 
Sybase extension 
symbol table 
symbol_table global variable 
symlink( ) function 
syslog( ) function 
System V Semaphores and Shared Memory extensions 
system( ) function 
    security risks with shell commands 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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