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race condition, created by changing file permissions 
rad2deg( ) function 
rand( ) function 
    largest value returned by 
randomizing array order 
range of characters in regular expressions 
range( ) function  2nd 
raw image format, PDF files 
rawurldecode( ) function  2nd 
rawurlencode( ) function  2nd 
RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) 
read and write handlers for sessions 
readdir( ) function 
readfile( ) function  2nd 
Readline library (GNU) 
readlink( ) function 
real numbers  2nd 
realpath( ) function 
    checking filenames with 
Recode library (GNU) 
rectangles, drawing 
recursive structures, avoiding use of print_r( ) or var_dump( ) on 
red, green, blue (RGB) color values  2nd 
    getting with ImageColorsForIndex( ) 
redirection  2nd 
    Unix shell 
reducing an array 
reference counting, managing memory with 
    to external entities in XML 
    in extensions 
    incrementing count for zval 
    to variable stored in another variable 
    variables containing object references 
register_globals (php.ini file)
    disabling for security purposes 
    security of global variables 
register_shutdown_function( ) 
register_tick_function( ) 
regular expressions 
    alternatives in 
    character classes 
    manipulating strings with 
    patterns, types of 
        character classes 
        conditional expressions in 
        cut subpattern 
        flags (trailing options) 
        functions for working with 
        inline options 
        lookahead and lookbehind assertions 
        match behavior 
        non-capturing groups 
        quantifiers and greed 
    PHP, differences from Perl 
        character classes 
        functions for 
    quantifiers for repeating patterns 
    search and replace operations
        with ereg( ) and ereg_replace ( ) 
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) 
relative paths
    checking for 
    security problems with 
remote files
    opening with PHP functions, security risks of 
    retrieving on Unix and Windows 
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) 
remote servers, YAZ toolkit 
    array elements 
    leading or trailing whitespace from strings 
rename( ) function 
repeating sequences, quantifiers for 
repeating strings 
    characters in strings 
    matched patterns in strings 
    matched strings, POSIX regular expressions 
    reverse proxies and 
reporting errors 
    error-reporting values 
    turning off entirely 
request/response cycle, HTTP
    GET requests 
requests, XML-RPC 
require construct 
    require( ) function 
        opening remote files, security and 
    require_once  2nd 
reserved words, stdClass 
reset( ) function  2nd 
resources  2nd 
    handles, returning type of 
    using in extensions 
rest of a string, searches returning 
restore_error_handler( ) function  2nd 
return statements  2nd 
return values, extension functions 
RETVAL_LONG( ) macro 
reverse-proxy caches 
    array element order 
rewind( ) function 
rewinddir( ) function 
rewrite( ) function 
right shift (>>) operator 
right-justified strings 
rmdir( ) function 
rollback( ) method 
rot13 extension 
rot13( ) function 
round( ) function 
RPC (Remote Procedure Call) 
rsort( ) function  2nd 
RSS document, generating using PHP 
rtrim( ) function  2nd 
runtime errors 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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