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backtranseq program (EMBOSS) 
bacterial code 
banana program (EMBOSS) 
bases, searching sequences for 
Basic Local Alignment Search Tool  [See BLAST]
biosed utility (EMBOSS) 
bl2seq program (BLAST) 
BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) 
    command-line options 
    databases, indexing 
        associated sequence types and 
    support for Readseq 
BLAST-Like Alignment Tool  [See BLAT]
blastall program 
blastpgp program (BLAST) 
BLAT (BLAST-Like Alignment Tool) 
blepharisma nuclear code 
btwisted program (EMBOSS) 

Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell
Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell: A Guide to Common Tools and Databases
ISBN: 059600494X
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Year: 2005
Pages: 312

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