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AAINDEX database 
aaindexextract program (EMBOSS) 
ABI sequence trace files 
abiview program (EMBOSS) 
alignment formats, EMBOSS 
alignwrap program (EMBOSS) 
alternative flatworm mitochondrial code 
alternative yeast nuclear code 
amino acids
    charges to 
    database of properties of 
    properties summary 
amino-acid modifications
    SWISS-PROT feature table 
        frequently used modifications 
        lipid moiety attached groups 
antigenic program (EMBOSS) 
antisense, outputting 
application groups, EMBOSS 
ascidian mitochondrial code 
ASCII files, removing carriage returns from 

Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell
Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell: A Guide to Common Tools and Databases
ISBN: 059600494X
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Year: 2005
Pages: 312

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