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cai program (EMBOSS) 
carriage returns, removing from ASCII files 
cDNA sequences, producing from aligned protein sequences 
CGI web server, Readseq and 
change indicators, SWISS-PROT feature table 
chaos program (EMBOSS) 
charge program (EMBOSS) 
checktrans program (EMBOSS) 
chips program (EMBOSS) 
chlorophycean mitochondrial code 
ciliate code 
cirdna program (EMBOSS) 
    command-line options 
    emma program as interface to 
codcmp program (EMBOSS) 
code, genetic 
    alternative flatworm mitochondrial 
    alternative yeast nuclear 
    ascidian mitochondrial 
    blepharisma nuclear 
    chlorophycean mitochondrial 
    coelenterate mitochondrial 
    euplotid nuclear 
    flatworm mitochondrial 
    hexamita nuclear 
    invertebrate mitochondrial 
    plant plastid 
    scenedesmus obliquus mitochondrial 
    thraustochytrium mitochondrial 
    trematode mitochondrial 
    yeast mitochondrial 
coderet program (EMBOSS) 
    coding sequences, calculating codon frequency table from 
Codon Adaptation Index, calculating 
codon frequency tables 
    calculating from coding frequency 
codon usage table files 
coelenterate mitochondrial code 
coiled-coil structures, calculating probability of 
colon (:), EMBOSS USA syntax 
command-line options 
comments, FASTA 
compseq program (EMBOSS) 
cons program (EMBOSS) 
consensus sequence, calculating from multiple sequence alignment 
contacts program (EMBOSS) 
coordinate files
    writing protein-heterogen contact data files from 
CpG regions, identifying 
CPGISLE database, producing entry format reports 
cpgplot program (EMBOSS) 
cpgreport program (EMBOSS) 
crystalball program 
Ctrl-A characters, NCBI nonredundant database syntax 
cusp program (EMBOSS) 
cut sites, predicting in DNA sequences 
CUTG, extracting data from 
cutgextract program (EMBOSS) 
cutseq program (EMBOSS) 

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