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This book starts in Chapter 1 with an overview of the XML features included in the various Office 2003 components. While most of the components have XML features, they all interact with XML quite differently, and comparing the stories of each of the products makes sense before leaping into the component-specific details.

The rest of the book explores the individual applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, as all of them take different approaches to working with XML. As learning Microsoft Word's internal XML format, WordprocessingML, is a crucial first step for developing any XML applications around it, Chapter 2 examines how Word represents its documents in XML. Chapter 3 explores the use of XSLT to convert WordML to other forms of XML, and then Chapter 4 returns to Word to combine WordML, XSLT, XML Schema, and the Word user interface to create environments where users can create custom XML documents. Chapter 5 takes a look at Smart Documents, a much more labor-intensive but very powerful combination of Word's features with external code.

Excel offers a slightly different set of features for analyzing and processing XML and for saving spreadsheets as XML. Chapter 6 explores how Excel lets users load and work with XML data in a variety of vocabularies, and Chapter 7 takes a close look at creating and consuming SpreadsheetML.

The XML capabilities of Microsoft Access have been enhanced for Office 2003, and those features are described in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 takes a look at a different set of XML features in Office, those specific to Web Services, and examines how to use them in Excel, Access, and Word.

Chapter 10 takes a close look at InfoPath, an application Microsoft has added to the Enterprise version of the Office suite specifically to let users interact with XML and Web Services through a forms-based interface.

The last section of the book is a collection of appendixes, introducing various XML technologies that may be useful in working with Office. They aren't intended to substitute for a thorough understanding, but hopefully they will be enough to get you started.

Office 2003 XML
Office 2003 XML
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Year: 2003
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