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Raman, T. V. (XForms: XML Powered Web Forms) 
Range object  2nd 
ranges, marking up 
Ray, Erik
    Learning XML  2nd 
    Perl & XML 
    converting to XSD  2nd 
    resources for  2nd 
RELAX NG (van der Vlist)  2nd 
repeating elements
Research Pane, creating Web Services for 
resources  [See also web sites]
    about DTD 
    about namespaces 
    about processing instructions (PIs) 
    about RELAX NG  2nd 
    about RTF 
    about Smart Documents 
    about SOAP  2nd 
    about SpreadsheetML 
    about styles and templates 
    about SVG 
    about VBA and SOAP 
    about Web Services  2nd 
    about Word Object Model 
    about WordprocessingML 
    about XForms 
    about XML  2nd  3rd 
    about XSD  2nd 
    about XSLT  2nd 
REST Web Services  2nd 
Reveal Formatting task pane, Word 
revisions  2nd 
rich text bindings, XSLT stylesheet 
Rich Text Format  [See RTF]
rich-client XML editors 
.rnc files  [See RELAX NG]
.rng files  [See RELAX NG]
Roman, Steven (Writing Word Macros)  2nd 
root element, XML 
root template rule  2nd 
Row element  2nd 
row-level elements, custom, editing 
    in spreadsheets  2nd 
    in tables 
RTF (Rich Text Format) 
RTF Pocket Guide (Burke) 
ruby text 
run-level context 
run-level elements  2nd 
runs  [See also w:r element]2nd  3rd 
    properties of 
    styles for 


Office 2003 XML
Office 2003 XML
ISBN: 0596005385
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 135

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