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I18N  [See internationalization]
IAuthentication interface
    banking application (example) 
    storefront application (example) 
impedance mismatch 
importAttribute tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
include tag, custom tag (Bean tag library) 
IncludeAction class 
index.jsp file
    itemdetail.jsp file, and 
    JSP include mechanism versus templates 
    using a template 
indexed properties, accessing in JavaBeans 
inheritance in categories in the logging framework 
init( ) method, example of overriding methods 
init-param element 
initComponentDefinitions tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
    ActionServlet, of the (diagram) 
        web.xml using Struts 1.1, for 
    process overview 
insert tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
installing the Struts framework 
interaction diagrams 
interfacing Struts to EJB 
internationalization  2nd  3rd 
    character sets, setting 
    characteristics of applications supporting 
    exception handling  2nd 
    Java support 
        determining the user';s locale information in a servlet (example) 
    Locale class 
    MessageFormat class, and 
    MessageResources class, and 
    multilingual support 
    PropertyMessageResources class, and 
    PropertyResourceBundle class, and 
    resource bundles, accessing 
    ResourceBundle class, and 
    Validator framework, and  2nd 
internationalization tags, JSTL 
InvalidLoginException, banking application (example) 
InvocationHandler interface 
iPlanet Application Server 
ISO-3166 specification 
ISO-639 specification 
IStorefrontService interface, storefront application (example) 
itemdetail.jsp file and index.jsp file 
iterate tag, custom tag (Logic tag library) 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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