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J2EE applications 
J2EE Front Controller design pattern  2nd 
Jakarta Commons project, Struts dependencies 
Jakarta log4j  [See log4j package]
Jakarta Project
    mailing lists 
    main web site 
Jakarta Taglibs project  2nd 
    log4j, and 
Jakarta Turbine 
Jakarta';s ORO package 
James Holmes';s JSF Page 
JAR files, packaging and deploying 
    internationalization, support for 
Java 1.4 logging API 
Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) 
Java exception class 
Java Message Service (JMS) 
Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP) 
Java servlets  [See servlets]
Java source files, compiling in Ant 
Java Specification Request (JSR) 
java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler interface 
java.text.Format class 
java.util.ArrayList class 
java.util.HashMap class 
java.util.Hashtable class 
java.util.Vector class 
JavaBeans  [See also EJB]
    accessing properties 
    custom tags, using with 
    in Struts applications 
    using within view components 
    event handlers 
    stylesheets as view components 
    Validator framework, using with 
JavascriptValidator, custom tag 
JavaServer Faces  [See JSF]
JavaServer Pages  [See JSP]
javax.ejb.EJBObject interface 
javax.ejb.SessionBean interface 
javax.servlet.Filter interface 
javax.servlet.ServletContext class 
javax.sql.DataSource connection factory 
    application server 
    deployment descriptor for the storefront session bean 
JDBC Pool 
JDK 1.4 Logging 
JNDI name, associating a name with the storefront session bean 
JNDI References 
    obtaining a home interface reference 
    plug-ins, and file 
JNDIConnectorPlugin class 
JRMP (Java Remote Method Protocol) 
JSF (JavaServer Faces)  2nd 
    benefits of 
    FrontController component 
    informational web sites 
    NavigationHandler component 
    request/response lifecycle 
    Struts and 
JSFCentral web site 
JSP (JavaServer Pages)
    file placement when packaging Struts applications 
    include mechanism 
    Model 1
        architecture (diagram) 
        versus Model 2 
    Model 2 architecture (diagram) 
    page is translated and compiled into a Java servlet (diagram) 
        in Resin 
        in Tomcat 
        in WebLogic 
    presentation, using for 
    relative paths, and 
    scriptlets versus tag libraries 
JSP custom tags  [See custom tags]
JSP Standard Tag Library  [See JSTL]
JSP tag libraries  [See also JSTL]
    custom  [See tag libraries]
JSPException objects 
JSR (Java Specification Request) 
JSR 52 
JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) 
    core tags 
    internationalization tags 
    SQL tags 
    XML tags 
    exceptions, and 
    improperly tuning 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596006519
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Year: 2003
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