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language code 
language support  [See internationalization]
layout  [See also Tiles framework]
    passing parameters to 
legacy applications 
lexical validation 
lib subdirectory (WEB-INF) 
load testing versus performance 
    determining the user';s 
Locale class
    getLocale( ) method 
    internationalization, and 
localization  2nd 
Log interface 
Log tag library 
    using to dump information 
log4j package  2nd 
    configuration files 
    configuring appenders 
    integrating with Struts 
    log levels, understanding 
    synchronization issues 
    Tomcat, and file  2nd 
LogFactory class 
Loggers class 
    Commons Logging package, supported logging implementations 
    example of an event listener class 
    framework, inheritance in categories 
    Java 1.4 logging API 
    JSP pages, in 
    log file rollover 
    LoginAction using the ServletContext to log messages (example) 
    performance impact of 
    Struts applications, in 
    system versus application 
    using the servlet container for 
    web applications, in 
LoggingFilter class 
LoggingListener class 
Logic tag library  2nd 
    custom tags 
LoginAction class
    banking application (example)  2nd 
    putting ActionErrors in 
    storefront application (example)  2nd 
    using the ServletContext to log message 
LoginForm class
    banking application (example) 
    storefront application (example) 
logj4 package
    performance impact of logging 
    third-party tools and utilities 
LookupDispatchAction class 
loyalty of web users 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596006519
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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