Creating a Site Map Manually

Search engines let you submit individual URLs and promise to follow all the links they find in order to index your site. To make it especially easy for them to find all the nooks and crannies on your site, you can create a site map with links to all of the most important sections of your site and then submit that map to the search engine, thus ensuring that the proper pages will be noticed and indexed.

To create a site map with your browser:


Create a new Bookmarks or Favorites Folder.


On the Web, navigate to the important pages on your site that you want to be sure the search engine finds.


Add those pages to your new folder.


Export your Bookmarks or Favorites into a file.


Open the file in your text editor and remove the bookmarks that don't belong to your site. The resulting file will be your site map.


Upload the file to your server (see page 356).


Submit the site map to the desired search engines as described on page 370.


  • Other browsers, like Firefox and Opera, have similar tools for adding bookmarks and then exporting them to a file.

  • Google's Sitemap Generator, described on the next page, is a more robust tool for creating a site map.

Figure 24.11. In the Organize Favorites dialog box, click New Folder and give the new folder a name. Then click Done.

Figure 24.12. After choosing Add to Favorites, select the site map page folder in which the link should be added.

Figure 24.13. In the Import/Export Wizard, be sure to choose the Export Favorites option and then click the Next button where you can give the site map file a name.

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