Still Stuck?

If you've gotten to this page, you're probably frustrated. Don't think I'm being patronizing when I suggest you go take a break. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a problem is leave it alone for a minute. When you come back, the answer may be staring you in the face. If it's not, let me offer you these additional suggestions.


Check again for typos. Revalidate your code (see page 345).


Check the easy pieces first. So many times I've spent hours fiddling with an exciting new tag that just wouldn't work only to find that the problem was a typo in some tag that I'd used a thousand times before. Familiarity breeds contemptcheck the stuff you think you know really well before you harass the newcomers.


Simplify the problem. Go back to the most recent version of your page that worked properly (which might be a blank page in some cases). Then test the page after adding each new element.


Read through this chapter again.


Check one final time for typos.


Post the piece of code that doesn't work on my Question and Answer Forum ( Be sure to include the relevant code (or a URL), a description of what is happening, and a description of what you think should be happening. People are very helpful there.

Figure 22.27. If you get stuck, try posting a question to my Question and Answer Forum ( At press time, the Forum was not yet updated to reflect this Sixth Edition, but the URL will be the same.


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