Chapter7.Maintaining Data

Chapter 7. Maintaining Data

  • Data movement: loading and unloading data

  • Data maintenance

  • Gathering statistics

  • Statistics usage

  • Resolving restricted and advisory states

This chapter examines the techniques for populating and extracting DB2 data by using the LOAD and UNLOAD utilities. The various options for using these utilities will be examined, along with some of the performance options.

We also take a close look at the REORG utility and its many options, and we look closely at the parallelism available for objects involved in the REORG process. Additional maintenance topics include gathering statistics via the RUNSTATS utility and examining the data and statistics of the database management system.

Some utilities help ensure that the data is always in a consistent state. These utilities, known as the CHECK utilities, are discussed. We also look at how to resolve restrictive and advisory states.

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