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    using Access Control Lists with 
sandboxes, automating NetBSD package builds with 
sappnd flag  2nd 
scanning Windows computers for viruses 
Schaefer, Marc 
sched command 
    creating for backups 
    rsnapshot utility 
    switching access rules on 
schg flag  2nd  3rd 
Schneier, Bruce 
Schweikhardt, Jens 
scponly (SSH shell) 
    testing the chroot 
scponlyc shell 
screen window manager 
    multitasking with 
.screenrc resource file 
    attaching/detaching sessions 
screensavers for terminals 
screenshots, taking 
script command 
script files, cleaning up 
scripts, interactive, creating with Expect 
scrubbing hard disks 
SCSI devices in kernel configuration files  2nd 
Seaman, Matthew 
search and replace using sed 
    manpage text  2nd 
    by relevance using grep 
    with sed utility 
securelevels, settings of 
    analyzing buffer overflows with GNU debugger 
    for DNS servers 
    wireless network issues 
security patches, automating 
sed utility 
    adding comments to source code 
    using holding space to mark text 
    removing blank lines 
    removing comments from source code 
    scripts with multiple commands 
    search and replace, performing 
    searching with 
sendmail  2nd  [See also email]
    configuring with local MTA 
    configuring without local MTA 
    disable receiving of email 
    DNS issues with mail queues 
    holding mail for later delivery 
serial consoles, enabling 
service set identifiers (SSIDs) 
servlets, Java 
set command 
setenv command 
setfacl command  2nd 
SETS variable (pkg_comp) 
SETS_X11 variable (pkg_comp) 
.SH (section) groff command 
sharing files between Windows and FreeBSD 
Sharity-Light utility 
    scanning Windows computers for viruses 
    authorizing access to, using sudo 
    input/output, recording 
    letting others watch live sessions 
    recording interactive sessions 
    setting shell variables 
shortcuts on the command line 
    of servers, using wsmoused 
    viewing records of 
signature-at-bottom option 
signatures, randomizing 
sigtool command 
single quote (') vs. backticks (`) 
single-user mode, password protecting 
skeletons, port 
SMBFS, backing up FreeBSD with 
smbutil utility  2nd 
SMTP servers
    finding names of 
    relaying mail considered harmful 
    sending email with telnet 
    testing availability 
snapshots, remote 
sniffing networks with tcpdump 
    adding more security to 
sockstat command  2nd  3rd 
software compiling, optimizing 
source code
    adding comments to 
    reading comments in 
    removing comments from 
source files
    renaming a batch of 
spaces, translating tabs to 
spell-checking on command line 
splash screen, configuring 
split DNS approach, used to prevent information leaks 
splitting windows (screen utility) 
spoofing MAC addresses 
SSH servers
    /etc/ssh/sshd_config file 
    remote backups, automating 
    secure backups over networks 
SSIDs (service set identifiers) 
ssmtp MTA 
standalone Java applications 
Stark, Sebastian 
startup scripts, creating your own 
Storage Daemon (Bacula) 
    on backup server 
    running without root permission 
storage scheme for rsnapshot 
stripping kernels 
su command 
Subversion program 
sudo utility
    configuration file issues 
    limitations of 
    shell access with 
sudoers file 
    log file for 
    security issues with 
    working with 
sudoscriptd script 
sudoshell script 
sunlnk flag  2nd 
    binaries, protecting with flags 
    controlling backups with arch/nodump flags 
    switching to, using su command 
    system logs, protecting with flags 
swap files, creating 
swapctl command 
swapinfo command 
switches, adding to manpages 
switching between windows 
symbolic links
synchronized copies of directories, maintaining 
syntax for mtree commands 
sysctl command 
sysinstall installation mechanism 
    setting up NFS mounts 
syslogd, redirecting console messages using  2nd 
systat command 
system accounting, enabling 
system logs, protecting with flags 
system passwords, protecting, using Blowfish 
system resources, viewing 
system-specific options in kernel configuration files 


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