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RAID controller information in kernel configuration files 
RAM, showing amount of 
randomizing signatures 
randomly generated passwords 
re_format command 
read/write access for mounting floppies 
REAL_DISTFILES variable (pkg_comp) 
REAL_PACKAGES variable (pkg_comp) 
REAL_PKGSRC variable (pkg_comp) 
REAL_PKGVULNDIR variable (pkg_comp) 
REAL_SRC variable (pkg_comp) 
reboot command 
    limiting unauthorized 
    viewing records of 
    interactive shell sessions 
    shell input/output 
recovery media, testing 
recovery process and emergency repair kit 
Reddy, Dheeraj 
reformatting disks before upgrading 
regular expressions
    using grep with 
rehash command 
relaying mail considered harmful 
relevance searches using grep 
remote administration tasks, interacting with 
remote backups, automating 
remote logins
    headless servers, connecting to 
    seeing console messages over 
remote shares, mounting 
    files interactively 
    source files 
repair kit, emergency
    customizing boot process and 
Reporter script and crack utility 
resources, FreeBSD
    comments in source code 
        creating your own 
        getting the most out of 
    offline resources, keeping up-to-date 
    online resources 
resources, system 
restoring data on hard disks 
    SSH servers 
reusable password policy, creating 
revision control and patches 
rhosts file 
Richard, John 
Rightnour, Tim 
rm * command, preventing disaster from 
rm -R command, recovering from accidental 
rm command vs. cp command 
rmstar shell variable 
Robbins, Arnold 
rooted archives and substitution argument 
Rosenquist, Nathan 
rotating signatures 
route command 
rsnapshot utility 
    accessing snapshots 
    configuration file, testing 
    specifying backup intervals 
    storage scheme for 
rsync utility 
rulesets, IP Filter 
Russell, Kirk 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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