Netdom Command (netdom.exe)

Netdom Command (netdom.exe)

Tasks that can be accomplished:

Add a computer to the domain, rename a computer, join a computer to the domain, move a computer to a new domain, query computers, trusts, and FSMOs in a domain, remove a computer from a domain, reset a computer, and manage and verify trusts

Type of tool:

Command line

Where to find it:

Support Tools for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

Recipes in which it is used:

Recipe 2.15, Recipe 2.16, Recipe 2.17, Recipe 2.18, Recipe 2.20, Recipe 2.20, Recipe 2.21, Recipe 2.22, Recipe 2.23, Recipe 3.7, Recipe 3.8, Recipe 3.25, Recipe 8.3, Recipe 8.5, Recipe 8.7, Recipe 18.7

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