DNS on Windows 2000, 2nd Edition
By Matt Larson, Cricket Liu
Table of Contents

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d2 option (nslookup)  2nd 
data types, nslookup and 
db.cache file, updating 
debug option (nslookup)  2nd 
debugging, nslookup and  2nd  [See also troubleshooting][See also troubleshooting]
default domain, with nslookup  [See also DNS suffix][See also DNS suffix]2nd 
default search list 
defname option (nslookup) 
delegation  2nd 
    checking  2nd 
    in-addr.arpa domain  2nd 
    internal roots 
    nonoctet boundaries and 
    octet boundaries and 
    registration and 
    subdomains  2nd 
        number of 
    resource records
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) 
    client service 
dial-on-demand connections 
dial-up connections  2nd 
dig utility 
DNS (Domain Name System) 
    as location broker in Windows 2000 
    disasters, preventing and handling 
    dynamic update protocol 
    firewalls and 
    fundamentals of  2nd 
    history of 
    message format 
    resources for 
    when to use 
DNS client 
DNS console 
        CNAME records 
        MX records 
        name servers 
        NS records  2nd 
        resource records  2nd 
        RP records 
        secondary name servers 
        SRV records 
        TTL on resource records 
        TXT records 
        zones  2nd 
    addresses, checking 
     authoritative data 
    cache and
        contents of 
        name servers 
        resource records 
    error messages 
    name server statistics in 
    Properties selection in 
    reverse lookup 
    root name servers and 
    subdomains, delegating 
    WINS lookup 
    WINS reverse lookup, configuring 
DNS servers for Windows 2000 
    zzz  [See also Microsoft DNS Server][See also Microsoft DNS Server]
DNS Service Search Order 
DNS suffix 
DnsUpdateProxy group  
    network numbers  
domain controllers 
    Active Directory 
    resource records needed by 
domain name labels, resource record data and 
Domain Name System  [See DNS]
domain names   2nd 
    Active Directory 
    consistency of  2nd 
    FQDNs  2nd 
    mail exchangers  2nd 
    mapping  2nd 
    MX records  [See MX records]
    resolving  [See resolution]
    resource record data and 
    resource records and 
    servers for  [See name servers]
    trailing dot (.) in  2nd 
    wrong one in RDATA of record 
domain namespace 
    CIDR and 
    shadow namespace 
    visibility of 
Domain Suffix Search Order (Windows 95) 
domains  2nd 
    adding  2nd 
    default  2nd 
    delegating  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    in-addr.arpa  2nd 
        subdomains of 
    information about, obtaining  2nd 
    international  [See geographic domain names]
    levels of 
    parenting  2nd 
        managing transition to subdomains 
    root  2nd  3rd 
    searching for 
    state- and city-level 
    testing setup 
    top-level  [See TLDs]
    zones vs. 
dot (.)
    root domain  2nd 
        in domain names 
dotted -octet representation 
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol  [See DHCP]


DNS on Windows 2000
DNS on Windows 2000
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Year: 2001
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