Writing SQL*Plus Scripts

In the previous chapter, you saw how to write a script to produce a report. This chapter delves more deeply into the subject of scripting, and shows you how to write interactive scripts. You will learn how to use substitution variables , which allow you to supply values dynamically to a script at runtime. You will learn how to prompt the user for those values and how to display other messages for the user to see. Finally, you will learn how to package your script for easy access when you need it.


Introduction to SQL*Plus

Command-Line SQL*Plus

Browser-Based SQL*Plus

A Lightning SQL Tutorial

Generating Reports with SQL*Plus

Creating HTML Reports

Advanced Reports

Writing SQL*Plus Scripts

Extracting and Loading Data

Exploring Your Database

Advanced Scripting

Tuning and Timing

The Product User Profile

Customizing Your SQL*Plus Environment

Appendix A. SQL*Plus Command Reference

Appendix B. SQL*Plus Format Elements

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