Chapter 19. Backup and Recovery


    Recipe 19.1.  Performing a Backup

    Recipe 19.2.  Restoring from Backup

    Recipe 19.3.  Using Automated System Recovery

    Recipe 19.4.  Creating an ASR Disk "After the Fact"

    Recipe 19.5.  Using System Restore to Revive a Broken Machine

    Recipe 19.6.  Disabling System Restore Remotely

    Recipe 19.7.  Retrieving a Shadow Copy of a Corrupted or Deleted File

    Recipe 19.8.  Using XCOPY for Interim Backups

    Recipe 19.9.  Using the Recovery Console During Boot Failures

    Recipe 19.10.  Creating a Password Reset Disk

    Recipe 19.11.  Recovering and Decrypting an Encrypted File or Folder

    Recipe 19.12.  Backing up and Restoring Activation Data

    Recipe 19.13.  Auditing Backup and Restore Actions

    Recipe 19.14.  Caring for Backup Media

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