Okay, I m ConnectedNow What?

Okay, I'm ConnectedNow What?

Good question. For starters, you have everything the Internet has to offer. You can surf the Web (which I cover in Chapter 10), send email (Chapter 11), download and install software, and find and download music and videos. The Internet is a vast cornucopia of news, information, conversation, sights, sounds, and a thousand other things. When looking at all of its offerings, it is easy to forget that it really all comes down one thingcommunication.

The Internet was born on communication; email specifically was the tool that drove its development into the globe-spanning network that it is today. That means electronic mail, Web browsing, and the increasingly popular instant message.

I'll tell you all about instant messaging with Ubuntu shortly, but first, it's time to discuss software. Not the software you have installed, but the amazing, free software that is still out there, waiting for you, on the Internet. In the next chapter, you will learn how easy it is to install software packages and keep your system up-to-date with Ubuntu.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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