Playing Your Songs

This is the easy part. Start up Nautilus and navigate to a folder where your songs are located. If you are looking for a specific song, do a search on it (as described in Chapter 4). In Figure 18-9, you can see that I've done a search on songs with the word Woman, ending with an .mp3 extension.

Figure 18-9. Use Nautilus to find the songs you want to hear.

If you pause over the music file with your mouse cursor, the file starts to play and continues playing as long as your cursor sits there. Not very practical for listening but a great way to make sure this is indeed the song you are looking for. To play it and get back to work at the same time, double-click the song file. The Totem media player appears and your music plays (see Figure 18-10).

Figure 18-10. The Totem media player starts and plays your songs immediately.

Aside from the fact that you can now listen to your track of choice, you have also been introduced to the all-purpose Totem media player. You might also have noticed that while you were listening, Totem was running a pretty cool little light show over in the left pane. It's kind of hard to visualize from the image in Figure 18-10, but it can be rather hypnotic. Press the <F> key (the letter f) and your view switches to full screen. Just sit back, watch the show, and listen. To leave full screen mode, press <F> again or slide your mouse cursor to the top of the screen (a Leave Fullscreen button appears).

At the bottom of the window, you find controls for playing/pausing, previous, and next. There's also a volume control and a slider to position you at any point in the track being played. Notice that your single song selection is listed in the right pane, the one titled Playlist. One song constitutes a fairly small playlist, but you can easily add more songs to the mix. Just click the plus sign at the bottom of the window and the standard GNOME file selector appears. Select the songs you want and they appear in your playlist. If you like the collection you've created, click the diskette icon at the bottom of the playlist, and you can load it up at a later time.


To quickly add a number of songs to your playlist, open up a copy of Nautilus, navigate to your music, and then drag and drop the songs of your choice into the playlist window.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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