SuSE s Online Update

SuSE's Online Update

SuSE follows a similar approach to Mandrake in that its package update tool is accessed through its all-in-one system administration interface, YaST2 (Yet Another Setup Tool 2). YaST2's program name is simply yast2. You can run it from a shell or by using your KDE quick launcher <Alt+F2>. Once again, the requirement for administrative privileges means you will be asked for root's password.

When the YaST Control Center appears, double-click on the Online Update icon. Another YaST2 screen will appear, this one offering you a choice of either an automatic or a manual update scheme. The manual update will show you all of the packages for which there is an update, allowing you to pick and choose between them. Unless you are completely confident with your system and what packages you want updated, it is probably best to choose the Automatic Update setting (do this by clicking the radio button).

When you have done so, click Next and YaST2 will initialize a network connection to search for package updates. When the update list returns, you'll have the opportunity to review the suggested updates and patches, as well as descriptions of what each patch does (Figure 12-3). To begin the update, click Accept.

Figure 12-3. SuSE's online update system.


Once all patches have been downloaded and installed, SuSE's update tool will write out the modified system configurations.

As packages are downloaded, a progress bar will indicate a percentage of completion for both the current package and the whole download. When all packages are downloaded, you will click Next again to install them.

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