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41. Find Images with Similar Color

Before You Begin

33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

When you take more than one photo of an event or a group of people, at or about the same time, the content of those images is generally very similar. The Organizer can't see the content of an image; it can't look at a photograph, determine the lines and contours of what's depicted in it, and draw any conclusions about what's there. The Organizer can, however, detect similarities in color (including brightness and intensity), and present you with a series of images that might contain similar content.

Suppose that you took several photos of your kids standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. The sky, background, and your children's hair, skin, clothing and so on would all look the same in every shot. Even if the photos were taken each year when you visit Paris, chances are they would still contain a similar range of colors. By selecting one of those images and then asking the Organizer to locate others of similar color, you should be able to quickly locate all your Paris memories. However, it's entirely possible that the Organizer will find other photos as wellphotos that contain a similar range of colors but completely different content. Still, chances are you might be able to locate photos with similar content, even if those images were taken years apart, are stored in different places, and use dissimilar filenames, captions, notes, and markers.


Select Sample Images

In the Organizer, click the first thumbnail for an image whose color content is similar to that of the other image(s) you're looking for. Then press Ctrl and click additional, similarly colored images to use as samples (if any). By selecting multiple sample images, you can produce a more accurate color sample to search for, and increase the odds of locating other similar, related images.


You can select only photos, not creations, audio files, or videos.


Choose Find, By Color Similarity


To locate previously marked images so that you can search for others that use similar colors, use the Find bar, as explained in 34 Find Items with the Same Marker.

Select Find, By Color Similarity with Selected Photo(s) from the menu bar.


View the Result

The photo well displays images whose color and brightness resemble that of the original image(s). The Find bar displays thumbnails of the original photos, and those thumbnails also appear at the top of the photo well. Other images are arranged not by date, but by their color similarity to the original selected image(s).


Unfortunately, you can't re-sort the displayed images as described in 18 Sort Items. You can, however, use the Timeline to limit the file dates of the displayed items. See 39 Find Items Within a Date Range. You can also use tags to limit the search results; see 34 Find Items with the Same Marker.

Here, I found a few good sunset photos but wanted to see what others I might have for use in a greeting card. So, I selected two sunset images and searched for other images with similar colors. I found a few unrelated photos, but as you can see, I found several other sunsets as well. After viewing your results, to redisplay all images in the catalog, click the Back to All Photos button.

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