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As soon as an item is imported into the catalog, a history is created. When you include an item in a creation, export it for use in some other application, share it via email or through an online service, or print it locally or through an online service, these events are noted and logged in that item's history. You can then use this history to recall a particular item for display. For example, suppose that you sent several images of a recent family outing to your brother in Colorado, and now you're ready to send some more but you can't recall which ones you've already sent! Luckily, you can simply ask the Organizer to display items you emailed to your brother, and then quickly review the recently sent ones.


Choose Find, By History

In the Organizer, choose Find, By History from the menu. A submenu of items tracked by history appears. Select an item from this list. For example, select Find, By History, Imported On.


Select Event

A dialog box appears, listing the dates on which you performed the action you selected in step 1. For example, if you choose Find, By History, Printed On in step 1, a list of dates on which you printed some images appears. If you chose an event that involves a third partyfor example, you selected Find, By History, Shared Online, you'll see a list of online services through which you've shared some images, and a list of dates on which you did that. Select the event (the date) you're interested in, and click OK.


View the Result

The images associated with the event you selected in step 1 appear in the photo well. Here, I had recently sent some photos to my father-in-law and I wanted to send some more, but I just couldn't remember what I'd already sent! Luckily, the Organizer doesn't suffer from short-term memory loss.


You can remove an event from history and reduce the size of the Organizer's catalog file by a little bit. Just select an event from the dialog box in step 2 and click Delete. Removing events you don't want to remember anymore will also reduce the size of the list displayed in the dialog box, and make it easier for you to find the events you are interested in when needed.

After displaying the items associated with an event, you can make changes, print, share, organize, or use in a creation any of these items; when you're done, click the Back to All Photos button to redisplay all items in the photo well.

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