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Here's something you might be wondering: Why go through all the trouble of adding items to a catalog, along with other items that might be used later in albums or slideshows, if you're only going to hide them? Well, not every digital image or movie you might ever want to keep track of or use in a presentation is so important that you need to thumb through it every day. For example, take a shot of a closed stage curtain. It's not a terribly important image. If you lost it, you wouldn't shed any tears. But you might want to use the closed stage curtain photo as the first image in most of your slideshows as a kind of title screen, so it's certainly worth keeping in the catalog.

Hiding such items from view keeps the catalog leaner and meaner, easier to load and to scroll through. You hide occasionally used items by giving them the Hidden tag. When the Organizer sees an item with the Hidden tag, it knows not to display that item in the photo well. However, the item still belongs to the catalog, so you can see it when you need to. In this task, you'll learn how to hide items and then redisplay them when needed.


Audio files are not normally displayed in the photo well anyway, so you won't need to perform this task to hide them. See 35 Find Items of the Same Media Type.

If you simply want to remove items from the catalog that you don't use often, move them offline. See 15 Copy Items onto CD-ROM or DVD.


Apply the Hidden Tag

In the Organizer, select the items you want to hide from general view. Then drag the Hidden tag from the Organize Bin and drop it onto the selected items in the photo well to assign the tag to the selected items.

The Hidden icon (a closed eye) appears on the selected items; the items themselves don't actually disappear from view until you either re-sort the catalog or import new items. Here, I decided to hide some scenic shoreline photos taken during a recent boating trip because they weren't as important to me as the ones containing my family.


To quickly display previously marked items so that you can apply the Hidden tag to them, use the Find bar. See 34 Find Items with the Same Marker for help.


View the Result

After I re-sorted the catalog, the items I marked with the Hidden tag were removed from view.


Simply scrolling through the photo well does not remove the hidden items from view.


Redisplay Hidden Items

You can redisplay items you've hidden when you want to view or use them. Just click the Tags tab on the Organize Bin, and then click the check box in front of the Hidden tag.


View the Result

Only items marked with the Hidden tag are displayed in the photo well. Each item appears with the closed-eye icon, and the Find bar indicates that only items tagged with the Hidden tag are currently being viewed. Here, I redisplayed the shoreline photos so I could look at a house we had admired while boating. To redisplay all items in the catalog, click the Back to All Photos button.

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