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20. Update an Image in the Catalog

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45 About Editing Images

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It's relatively easy to locate an image in the Organizer and then send it to the Editor for improvements when needed. (See 45 About Editing Images.) When you do this, the Organizer makes a note that you are editing the image; when you are done, it automatically updates the image's thumbnail in the catalog to reflect the changes you made.

If you open an image in the Editor the old-fashioned way (through the File, Open command), and make (and save) changes to an image that's currently in the catalog, the Organizer won't know you've edited the image and it won't automatically update the thumbnail to reflect your recent changes. To correct this situation, you have to tell the Organizer that you've changed the image so that it can update the thumbnail to accurately reflect the current version of the image.


This same problem occurs when you edit an image in the catalog using any other graphics editor, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, without initiating that edit from within the Organizer.


Select the Edited Image


To use another graphics editor with the Organizer, choose Edit, Preferences, Editing, and locate the graphics program you want to use to edit images, such as Photoshop. Then select an image in the catalog and choose Edit, Edit with XXX, where XXX is the name of your graphics editor.

In the Organizer, click the old thumbnail for the image you've just completed editing. The Organizer will highlight the selected thumbnail with a blue border.


Choose Edit, Update Thumbnail

Choose Edit, Update Thumbnail from the menu bar. In a moment, the Organizer will update the thumbnail image to reflect your most recent changes to the photo file.


View the Result


If you have made changes to several images since you last used the Organizer, you can update all their catalog thumbnails in one fell swoop. Select all the edited images by Shift+clicking or Ctrl+clicking them and then choose Edit, Update Thumbnails for Selected Items.

As you can see here, the image thumbnail has changed to display the most recent version of the image. I liked this image of my daughter, taken on her last day of first grade, but I thought it needed work. I opened the image in the Editor, rotated and cropped the image, and adjusted the contrast a bit. Because I forgot when I opened the image in the Editor that it was also in the catalog, I had to manually update the thumbnail after I was done making changes. After following the steps given here, the newly edited image appears in the photo well.

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