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Chapter 3. Viewing and Sorting Items


16 Review Images

17 Change Thumbnail Size

18 Sort Items

19 Stack Images

20 Update an Image in the Catalog

21 Play an Audio File

22 View a Video

23 Change Image Date and Time

After importing images into a catalog, you can begin to work with them in the Organizer. Several tasks you perform have nothing to do with editing an image or creating anything, but simply reviewing what you've got. In this chapter, you'll learn how to review images one at a time in an automated slideshow, adjust the size of the thumbnails, compare images side by side, sort items, organize different versions of the same image, play audio and video files you've imported, sort images, and update an image's thumbnail if it ever gets out of sync with the actual contents of the image file.


The tasks in this chapter assume that you are using the Organizer in Photo Browser view. If you're currently displaying items in Date View (on a calendar), you can change to Photo Browser view by clicking the Photo Browser button at the right end of the Shortcuts bar.

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