The Editor's Blend Modes




Color Burn

Linear Burn



Color Dodge

Linear Dodge


Soft Light

Hard Light

Vivid Light

Linear Light

Pin Light

Hard Mix








CHAPTER 3 16 Review Images

Using the Organizer's Photo Review, you can review a group of new photographs, make quick adjustments, add tags and collection markers, and mark photos for printing or deletion from the catalog.

CHAPTER 3 19 Stack Images

To keep your catalog small, you can group similar photos under one thumbnail in the Organizer catalog, and then expand the thumbnail when needed to display all the photos in the group.

CHAPTER 3 33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

After marking the items in the catalog, you can easily locate items with similar characteristics, such as images that include your wife and daughter.

CHAPTER 5 38 Find Items with the Same Date

Using the Organizer's Calendar View, you can quickly locate photos taken on the same day.

CHAPTER 7 62 Increase the Area Around an Image

By expanding the canvas around the central image, it was easy to insert other photos, creating this quick photo collage.

CHAPTER 8 68 Print a Picture Package

The Organizer can help you print multiple photos in multiple sizes, on a single page.

CHAPTER 9 77 Paint a Selection

Paint a selection using the Selection Brush to quickly select the area behind this mother and child and replace it with something else, such as a simulated denim background.

CHAPTER 13 103 About Color Management


CHAPTER 8 66 Print an Image

When an image looks different when printed than it did onscreen, you need color management (in this example, the girl's skin tone, hair color, and even the color of the tractor looked different when printed).

CHAPTER 13 106 Rotate an Image or Layer


CHAPTER 21 164 Replace a Background with Something Else

I rotated and flipped this photograph, adding a new background and some text to create a real treasure.

CHAPTER 21 166 Frame a Photograph

By cropping this photo vertically, I placed the focus on this family group and not the location. I then added a simple wood frame.

CHAPTER 13 109 Apply a Quick Fix

Using the Editor's Quick Fix mode, I was able to quickly lighten this photo and bring my brother out of the woods.

CHAPTER 16 129 Create a Soft Focus Effect

Learn two different methods for softening the focus of an image while maintaining the clarity of your subject, such as the sleeping infant shown here.



CHAPTER 16 132 Whiten Teeth


CHAPTER 16133 Awaken Tired Eyes

Even the best portraits can be improved by whitening the teeth and lightening dark shadows under the eyes.

CHAPTER 16 134 Remove Glare from Eyeglasses

With a little patience, you can remove the glare from eyeglasses and improve your photos, as was done with this charming portrait.



CHAPTER 16 135 Brighten a Face with Digital Makeup

Brighten a pretty face or change a person's whole look using digital makeup.



CHAPTER 18 144 Correct Color Manually

146 Adjust Hue, Saturation, Manually


CHAPTER 19 151 Blur a Background to Create Depth of Field

I removed the color cast, increased the brightness, contrast, and saturation, and blurred the background a bit to improve this very old photo.



CHAPTER 18 146 Adjust Hue, Saturation, and Lightness Manually

By lowering the red saturation in just the midtones of this image, I was able to achieve a natural skin tone to my aunt's face, while also bringing her pants back to the right color.

CHAPTER 21 163 Mask an Image Layer

I used the Cookie Cutter tool to create an eagle shape, and then used that shape to mask the two layers above it so that they would appear only within the eagle area.



CHAPTER 21 165 Fix a Bland-Looking Sky

The all-white sky of this landscape portrait was instantly improved by the addition of a more dramatic sky, cloned from another photograph taken that same day.

CHAPTER 21 166 Frame a Photograph

Enclose your favorite photos with a custom mat and frame you create yourself.

CHAPTER 21 167 Blend Two Images into One

Artfully blend two images, such as this photo of Jefferson and his memorial, to create unique artwork.

CHAPTER 21 168 Create a Scrapbook Page

Build your own scrapbook pages by combining text, shapes, and your own photos.

CHAPTER 21 170 Create a Panorama

To capture the entire breadth of a scene, combine several photos into a single panorama.

CHAPTER 21 169 Create a Composite Image

Blend the edges of several photos to create a composite image, and then add some text and a custom sun shape.

CHAPTER 22 171 "Melt" an Image

With a little help from the Liquify filter, you can melt an image to create a fun look.

CHAPTER 22 172 Wrap an Image Around an Object

By wrapping each of these images around a sphere and pasting them into this snowy landscape, I was able to build a unique-looking snowgirl.


Gentle Snowfall

Rain CHAPTER 22 173 Create the Illusion of Snow or Rain

Create anything from a blizzard to a gentle rainfall with the addition of some snow or rain you create yourself.

CHAPTER 22 174 Simulate a Water Reflection

After putting our house and "our new boat" by a lake, I completed the illusion with a fake reflection.

CHAPTER 23 178 Colorize a Photograph

Colorize your old grayscale images to give them a genuine hand-painted look.


Real Oil Painting

"Oil Painting" Effect Applied to Photograph

CHAPTER 23 179 Make a Photograph Look Like an Oil Painting

I took a snapshot of birds playing in the water, and applied various techniques to make it look almost as convincing as this photograph of my mother's original oil painting, "Bird Dance."

CHAPTER 23 182 Make a Photograph Look Like Andy Warhol Painted It

My mother-in-law, Maria, was a free spirit who embraced life, music, and most of all, her art. It's that spirit that I wanted to capture in my version of "Maria by Warhol."

CHAPTER 23 181 Make a Photograph Look Like It Was Drawn


CHAPTER 24 190 Fill Text with an Image

I made a selection in the shape of text and used it to copy the face of this little girl and insert it into a photograph I had changed to make it look like a drawing.

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