Analyzing Your Investments and Retirement Information

The Investing Center contains all your investment and retirement account information. This is where you can manage your accounts and portfolio, analyze investment performance, and run reports to further analyze your investments and securities. You can also download the latest quotes for your investments and securities, as well as historical quotes, to analyze how an investment or a security has performed over time.

Review Investment Accounts

On the account bar, click Investing Center and click the Today's Data tab.

Your existing investment and retirement accounts are listed in the Investment & Retirement Accounts section of the Today's Data tab. Click an account name to open that account's register.

The Cost Basis column provides a total for all of your security shares, which includes commissions, fees, and any income that has been reinvested in the security.

The Gain/Loss column provides the total dollar amount you have lost or gained for each security listed.

The Gain/Loss (%) column provides the percentage of the amount you have lost or gained for each security listed.

The Day Gain/Loss column provides the dollar value amount you lose or gain each day for each security is also listed.

The Day Gain/Loss (%) column provides the previous day's dollar value as a percentage for the amount you lose or gain each day for each security.

The Market Value column lists how much a security is worth and is listed for each security.

See Also

See "Setting Up Alerts" on page 118 for information on creating and editing alerts.

A subtotal for your investment accounts and a subtotal for your retirement accounts are provided, as is a total that includes both your investment and retirement accounts.

To add a new investment or retirement account, click Add Account and complete the Quicken Account Setup window.

To make changes to your investment, retirement, or any of your other accounts, click Edit Accounts to open the Account list window.

To review how your portfolio is doing, click Show Report to open the Portfolio Value report.

To view a list of all your securities, click Go to Full Portfolio to open the Portfolio tab in the Investing Center.

See Also

See "Adding New Investment or Retirement Accounts" on page 95 for more information on creating new investment or retirement accounts.

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