Using the Express Setup

If you haven't used Quicken before, you'll find that the Express Setup steps you through the process of entering all your financial information, such as your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, bills, and so on. As you move through the setup, Quicken asks you to enter specific information about yourself and your accounts. If you have online access to some of your accounts, you are given the option to download the account information directly into Quicken. There is still some manual entry involved, but it is less than typing it in yourself. If you don't have online access to your accounts, you can enter the information and set it up for online access later, if it's available.

Use the Express Setup

Click Skip Setup to start using Quicken without setting up your accounts and financial information. You can return to the setup later, if needed to set up your accounts, or you can add them using other features.

See Also

Refer to "Adding New Accounts" on page 88 for information on setting up new accounts.

Click Next Step to begin the setup.

TIMESAVER To save some time in figuring out what to enter, grab all those statements, paychecks, and so on to ensure that you enter accurate information during the setup process. Refer to the "Quicken Setup Checklist" on page 6 previously in this chapter for a list of items you will most likely need during the setup.

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