System.Security.Policy (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class Zone : IIdentityPermissionFactory, IBuiltInEvidence { // Public Constructors    public Zone(System.Security.SecurityZone zone); // Public Instance Properties    public SecurityZone SecurityZone{get; } // Public Static Methods    public static Zone CreateFromUrl(string url); // Public Instance Methods    public object Copy(  );    public IPermission CreateIdentityPermission(Evidence evidence);  // implements IIdentityPermissionFactory    public override bool Equals(object o);         // overrides object    public override int GetHashCode(  );     // overrides object    public override string ToString(  );     // overrides object }

This evidence class identifies the Internet Explorer security zone from where an assembly was loaded. The runtime assigns Zone evidence to an assembly by comparing the URL from where the assembly was loaded, with the security zone configuration in Internet Explorer. The type of Zone evidence is specified by passing a value of the System.Security.SecurityZone enumeration to the Zone constructor and can be accessed after construction through the SecurityZone property.

During policy resolution, the ZoneMembershipCondition class uses Zone evidence to evaluate whether code qualifies for membership of a CodeGroup.

Because the Zone class implements the IIdentityPermissionFactory interface, an assembly or application domain with Zone evidence will contain an appropriately configured System.Security.Permissions.ZoneIdentityPermission object in its grant set.

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Programming .Net Security
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