System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)class
public class CryptoConfig { // Public Constructors    public CryptoConfig(  ); // Public Static Methods    public static object CreateFromName(string name);    public static object CreateFromName(string name, object[  ] args);    public static byte[  ] EncodeOID(string str);    public static string MapNameToOID(string name); }

This class defines the mapping between algorithm implementation classes and the String values used to create them; the Create( ) methods of the AsymmetricAlgorithm and SymmetricAlgorithm classes instantiate algorithms by name with the static CreateFromName( ) method of this class.

For example, the String values SHA, SHA1 and System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1 all map to the SHA1CryptoServiceProvider class detailed in this chapter. The mappings can be changed by editing the Machine.config file.

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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