System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class CryptoAPITransform : ICryptoTransform, IDisposable { // Public Instance Properties    public bool CanReuseTransform{get;  // implements ICryptoTransform    public bool CanTransformMultipleBlocks{get;  // implements ICryptoTransform    public int InputBlockSize{get;  // implements ICryptoTransform    public IntPtr KeyHandle{get; }    public int OutputBlockSize{get;  // implements ICryptoTransform // Public Instance Methods    public void Clear(  );    public int TransformBlock(byte[  ] inputBuffer, int inputOffset, int inputCount, // implements ICryptoTransform        byte[  ] outputBuffer, int outputOffset);    public byte[  ] TransformFinalBlock(byte[  ] inputBuffer,  // implements ICryptoTransform         int inputOffset, int inputCount); // Protected Instance Methods    protected override void Finalize(  );  // overrides object }

This class implements the ICryptoTransform interface and is a wrapper around the Windows Crypto API. This is an internal class, and is not instantiated directly by the programmer.

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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