SecurityElementECMA 1.0, serializable

System.Security (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class SecurityElement { // Public Constructors    public SecurityElement(string tag);    public SecurityElement(string tag, string text); // Public Instance Properties    public Hashtable Attributes{set; get; }    public ArrayList Children{set; get; }    public string Tag{set; get; }    public string Text{set; get; } // Public Static Methods    public static string Escape(string str);    public static bool IsValidAttributeName(string name);    public static bool IsValidAttributeValue(string value);    public static bool IsValidTag(string tag);    public static bool IsValidText(string text); // Public Instance Methods    public void AddAttribute(string name, string value);    public void AddChild(SecurityElement child);    public string Attribute(string name);    public bool Equal(SecurityElement other);    public SecurityElement SearchForChildByTag(string tag);    public string SearchForTextOfTag(string tag);    public override string ToString(  );  // overrides object }

This class implements a simple, lightweight XML object model for encoding .NET security objects. A SecurityElement object represents a single XML element that can contain a tag, attributes, and text. To build a hierarchy of XML objects, add SecurityElement objects representing the child nodes to an existing SecurityElement object using its Children property or AddChild( ) method. The ToString( ) method returns a string containing the XML representation of the SecurityElement and all of its children.

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Programming .Net Security
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