An Analogy to the Character Diamond

As will be discussed in greater detail in Chapter 2.22, "Revealing Complex Characters Through Their Actions," I don't differentiate between dialogue and action. A Trait such as Courageous could be revealed through an NPC's courageous actions or through his or her dialogue.

In a similar way, if the Veteran possesses different layers of feelings toward the Rookie, then they could emerge in the Veteran's words, in his deeds, or in both.

Different layers could emerge at different places in the game, or several layers could be revealed close together or simultaneously.

Let's say your SWAT team is storming a house where a terrorist is thought to be holed up.

 The Rookie advances, but when gunshots emerge from the house, the Veteran shoves  him down and takes point. 

(The above shows protectiveness Layer 1 in the drawing.)

 The Rookie charges into the house anyway. The Veteran turns to you. Veteran: Let's not let the imbecile get all the glory. 

(The above shows both his admiration Layer 2 and jealousy Layer 3.)

 You and the Veteran charge in after him. 

So, in less than 15 seconds, we've presented three layers out of the four the Veteran feels toward the Rookie.

If, for some reason, we didn't want the scripted sequence of the Veteran pushing the Rookie down, we'd still have two of the Veteran's Feeling Layers toward the Rookie in the cinematic.

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