The Basic Idea of Klingons

The basic idea of Klingons is that they're not like us. Let's take a look at some of their Traits. Just as a refresher, a Trait determines how the character (or in this case, the race or culture) sees the world, thinks, speaks, and acts.

Klingons have a colorful grouping of Traits:

  • They love war and battle. They have special weapons and rituals that accompany it.

  • They consider honor important.

  • Lying isn't necessarily dishonorable. You can exaggerate your deeds in battle and this is acceptable even expected. This apparent contradiction (honor versus lying) doesn't bother them. In fact, to them it's not a contradiction.

  • Passionate attraction for someone of the opposite sex is shown dramatically without hesitation.

  • They have a number of traditional rites of passage for different stages of life, and they consider it important to maintain these traditions.

  • They believe in an afterlife and that if they live and die honorably, they will end up there.

  • They have a loyalty to their race, but an even stronger loyalty to their clan and lineage.

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