Various Types of Rewards and Punishments

Life doles out all sorts of rewards and punishments, and games can too.

Consider a small list of some of the types of rewards a player could receive for moving through a First-Person Character Arc. To create a punishment, just deny the player these things, or make the player lose them (or diminish them) if he or she already has them.

Rewards Type 1

The first type of rewards are those that help you win the game. For example, you could be rewarded with allies, people who join your side or who work harder to help you. With enough allies behind you, you may even become their leader.

Another common reward is increased abilities. These could be more speed, accuracy, power, or other forms of effectiveness at skills that you already possess, such as:

  • Fighting (by hand or by weapon)

  • Stealth

  • Thieving

  • Manipulating objects

  • Ways you can traverse the landscape or buildings

  • Summoning spirits

  • Various magical abilities

  • Defensive abilities, such as protective spells

You could also gain:

  • Extra lives

  • Extra time on your mission

  • The ability to unlock new content

  • The ability to read people's minds

  • The ability to change your face, body, or clothes

  • The ability to slow, speed up, or change time

This list could go on forever, but you get the idea.

Items vital to your mission make good rewards. For example, you could receive:

  • New weapons, armor, or spells, offensive or defensive

  • Money (to buy weapons, etc.)

  • Other items you can trade for weapons, spells, etc.

  • A better vehicle

Finally, various types of power-ups are rewards that can also help you win the game.

Rewards Type 2

There are other rewards that are great to receive but that don't directly assist you in winning the game. For example, you could receive:

  • Furnishings for your house/cave/castle/lodging, if you have one

  • Access to special events or rituals

  • Admiration from those around you or those who you meet who've heard of your reputation

This list is far from comprehensive. It's simply to suggest the range of possible ways to reward a player.

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