Chapter 6. Case Studies

Sharpening from Capture to Print

In this final chapter, I put into practice what I've been preaching for the past 200-odd pages. I've selected images from very different sources, at many different quality levels, because every image can be improved by good control of detail.

Each image is fed through the same workflow:

  • Optimization for image source

  • Optimization for image content

  • Creative sharpening or smoothing

  • Optimization for output

    The first step is to evaluate the image and decide how to handle it. Does the image need noise reduction? What is the dominant feature I wish to emphasize in optimizing for content? Once these questions have been answered and the optimization carried out, does the image need any localized adjustments? After carrying out any localized work, the image is saved as a use-neutral master ready for repurposing for different outputs.

    I can only show one output process, the one used for this book, but for each image I've included final sharpened output at a variety of different sizes to show the flexibility of the sharpening workflow.

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Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2
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