In this chapter, you learned about creating and managing Windows service applications. We covered the following topics:

  • An introduction to how Windows services work

  • How to view existing Windows services by using system tools such as the Service Control Manager and the Event Viewer

  • How Visual Studio .NET helps you to create the foundations of a Windows service application

  • The properties and methods of the .NET Framework ServiceBase class

  • How to use Visual Studio .NET to add .NET Framework components, such as the Project Installers and an EventLog, to your project directly from the Toolbox

  • How to add custom code to the OnStart and OnStop methods of a Windows service

  • How to attach the Visual Studio .NET debugger to a running Windows service

  • How to use the .NET Framework ServiceController class to control a Windows service from application code

  • How to code custom commands for a Windows service and how to call them from a ServiceController object

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