21.3 JSP Tags

Sun JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a server-side product offered by most ISPs. Like ASP, it processes server-side scripts and dynamically delivers HTML pages to the user 's browser. For an overview of JSP, see http://java.sun.com/products/jsp/ .

For more information on JSP, see Hans Bergsten's JavaServer Pages (O'Reilly) and JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference (O'Reilly).

JSP files have a .js or .jsp extension. JSP code begins with <% and ends with %> , the same delimiters as ASP; therefore, Dreamweaver displays the ASP.gif icon for JSP code, as configured by the ASP.xml file described in the preceding section. If you use JSP but not ASP, you can edit the ASP.xml file to specify the JSP.gif file as the icon instead. Dreamweaver also recognizes the JSP- related tags identified in the JPSScripts.xml file and listed in Table 21-2.

Table 21-2. Recognized JSP tags

Opening delimiter or tag

Closing delimiter or tag

















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