18.12 Panels Preferences

The Preferences dialog box's Panels category controls the stacking order of panels and the icons that appear in the Launcher bar (and Mini-Launcher).

Always on Top

A list of panels that should appear in front of the Document window. By default, all panels are selected (Assets, Behaviors, Code Inspector, CSS Styles, Frames, History, HTML Styles, Launcher, Layers, Objects, Properties, Reference, Timelines, and All Other Panels).

Show in Launcher

This preference specifies the icons to be shown in the Launcher bar (also shown in the Mini-launcher in the Document window's status bar if the Edit figs/u2192.gif Preferences figs/u2192.gif Status Bar figs/u2192.gif Show Launcher in Status Bar option is active). Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to add or delete items and use the arrow buttons to change their order. By default, the list contains Site, Assets, HTML Styles, CSS Styles, Behaviors, History, and Code Inspector.

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Dreamweaver in a Nutshell
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