18.11 Layout View Preferences

The Preferences dialog box's Layout View category configures the Table Layout view (View figs/u2192.gif Table View figs/u2192.gif Layout View) for editing layout tables. See Chapter 3 for details on layout tables.

Autoinsert Spacers

Select the When Making Autostretch Tables radio button to use spacer images when creating tables that stretch to fit the user 's browser window. The Never option causes columns to collapse if they are empty when an autostretch column is added.

Spacer Image

Create or select a spacer image and specify the web site in which it will be used. Spacer images must use Site Root-Relative paths to work properly when uploaded to a server.

Table 18-4 lists the default color for various visual aids related to layout tables.

Table 18-4. Layer Color defaults



Default color

Cell Outline

Outline color of unselected cells

#0099FF (blue)

Cell Highlight

Outline color of a selected cell

#FF0000 (red)

Table Outline

Outline of a layout table

#009900 (greed)

Table Background

Color of unoccupied (empty) areas in a layout table

#DDDDDD (gray)

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