Creating a Screen Saver

The Desktop button in iPhoto does double duty, not just putting one or more photos on your Desktop, but also setting them as your screen saver.

To create a screen saver:


With more than one or no photos selected (in the latter case, iPhoto uses the current album), click the Desktop button or choose Desktop from the Share menu.

iPhoto opens the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane (Figure 5.24).

Figure 5.24. When you click the Desktop button in iPhoto, the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane opens automatically.


If necessary, click the Screen Saver tab.


Adjust the Start Screen Saver slider to set how long the screen saver should wait for activity before kicking in. If you want to set a hot corner, click the Hot Corners button and pick a hot corner in the dialog that appears.


To configure options for how the screen saver slideshow looks, click Options and then select the desired checkboxes in the Display Options dialog (Figure 5.25). Click OK when you're done.

Figure 5.25. Configure how the screen saver displays your photos in the Display Options dialog. Play with these settings to see how they interact with the photos you're usingI've found varying results with different types and sizes of photos.

iPhoto sets Mac OS X's screen saver to use the selected photos or album. The next time your screen saver kicks in, you'll see it displaying those photos.


  • You can also display the photos in an iPhoto album as your screen saver by selecting the album in the folder list in the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane's Screen Saver tab.

Try Image Puzzle Too!

If you really like screen savers, check out Gereon Frahling's $9.99 shareware Image Puzzle screen saver, which uses the pictures in your iPhoto Library to build a photo-mosaic, using another photo in your library as the template. It's very cool. Find it at:

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