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This one may throw you a bit at first. Everyone knows how to create new documents by going to File > New, but a new window is slightly different. Actually, it's a lot different. A new window is just a new view or window that displays the same document.


Open any Flash document and press CTRL-ALT-K (CMD-OPT-N on Mac), or go to Window > New Window. Either way, you'll see that a new window has opened that displays the same file. This one helps me a lot when I'm making little changes on multiple timelines because I can just open a new window and use each window to view a separate timeline. Then I can switch between them using the Quick Switch Tabber tip without having to waste time navigating between them using a single window. I must admit, this isn't something I use very often, but now that I'm telling all of you about it, I think I'll start using this one again. I love remembering stuff. That, and puppies.

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