Property InspectorMore Than Meets the Eye

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Property InspectorMore Than Meets the Eye!


The Property inspector is just thata place to look at the properties of what you have selected in your Flash document. Most of the time it does its job, and you would ask for nothing more from it. However, on occasion (depending on what you have selected) there can be more properties to see. Look to the bottom-right corner of the Property inspector and you'll see a tiny down arrow. If you click on it, the inspector expands, revealing even more properties.

Perhaps the best example of how useful this can be would be to select a text block that's on your Stage. Looking to the Property inspector while it's expanded gives you a whole slew of additional options. The same concept applies to many selectable elements of your Flash document, and if you ever need to reclaim the extra space, you can simply click the same arrow (now facing up) again to collapse the extra properties. When you start Flash, the Property inspector is already expanded, so feel free to collapse it to save some room.

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