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I remember when I worked at this one design firm. They set me up with a supercharged P4 and two 24-inch flat screen displays. Although this dream situation only lasted a couple of weeks, one thing I remember is that I never had to shrink or move any panels in Flash. Everything was visible at once. But let's face it, this isn't the typical designer's setup.

When it comes to screen real estate, every pixel is precious. One of the big space-wasters can be the Toolbar. It stretches to the bottom of the interface no matter what. If you ever need to quickly undock it and move it, simply double-click its little dotted handle. Drag it where you want, and then you can re-dock it by double-clicking it again. It's sent right back to the last place you docked it, and there's no dragging around to find the right place to drop it.

Sorry Mac usersthis one only applies to Windows. The Flash Toolbar on Macs doesn't dock as it's always floating around.

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